Lady Velvet Steel – classic mistress


BDSM is a game – a game of power, greed, lust and submission.
Your yearning is my material; your dedication, a gift; your pain, my pleasure.
Your abysses become my playground; your fantasies, my map; your taboos, my boundaries.
My fantasy will drag you to your darkest dreams.

Fiery in my being and terrible in my passions, I will draw you into the fathomless depths of your desire.
With my overwhelming dominant streak, it will be child’s play to make you fall under my spell. I’ll release your desires and make you submit to my rules.
Using subtlety, I will enjoy inflicting all kinds of nasty, cruel punishments on you, without ever losing sight of my responsibilities towards you.

Entrust me with your wishes, dreams and fears. Allow me to seduce you with my virtuosity and surrender yourself to my passion.
I accept your trust as a valuable gift.
In me you will find a passionate collaborator who will respect you as a human being.

However, don’t be mistaken. My dominance is no opportunistic means to an end – it is a true passion!

My Passion

BDSM is part of my private sexuality since many years. The lifestyle accompanies me almost every day now and I am very happy about this.

I do not really have “a” toy or “a” technique that defines my dominance. Your mindset is what intrigues me and I will happily look for the key I need to unlock your secrets. Let them be dirty, let them be naughty, but let them be true.

In my many years of practice I am glad to master a wide variety of skills. I am a passionate sadist, I will appreciate your devotion, but I am also respectful of your tender side that needs to explore the more gentle realms.
Restriction in body and mind are a very interesting topic to me, may it be a light bondage session or a complete mummification.
And don´t forget roleplay!

Find more on this topic in “Passion”.

Beginner Welcome

We all started out to explore at some points in our life. New steps have been made, fear had to be defeated, mistakes to be made. I was very fortunate to meet very experienced playpartners in my first encounters with BDSM. So can you!

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are new to the lifestyle, or that you are just curious and want to explore. Please be encouraged to take the first step. Let me know that you have little to no prior experience, so I can create a scenario that suits your interests and your level of experience. I will be very happy to pace myself to your level of eagerness.