Some dream of serving a Dominatrix even outside of studio sessions. The slave sits there, searching for his Lady and Mistress. But how should he explain what he wants and convince her that she can no longer survive without his help?

Firstly, it is essential to consider what exactly it is the slave wants and how much of that is feasible. Virtually no adult woman with common sense and intelligence will keep a slave in the cellar, allowing him out occasionally to do a spot of dusting and keep him entertained for the rest of the day. Although it might appear worth striving for, this aim is, and will always be, pure fantasy.

So, you have discovered that you are really searching for a permanent and reliable Mistress-slave relationship. You really wish to selflessly serve your Dominatrix and are not just trying to con a cheap session? You long to serve and make your Mistress’ life easier and more comfortable? Then it’s about time you wrote a suitable application, isn’t it?

As with a “real” application for a job, etc., this should also contain a supporting statement, a C.V. and one or two photos to show that you are serious. Take care with spelling, punctuation and write sentences which make sense. Explain why you are applying, what you have to offer and the times you are available.
Be specific. Applications written with the motif, “If she’s interested, she’ll ask”, tend to beat a hasty path to the bin. I simply do not have the patience to follow up on my future servants. I don’t need to. I have too many requests and the list of candidates is enormous anyway.

Remember that you want something from me, namely my attention. Think about which really useful service you could provide for me. I have no need for foot slaves, lust and lick slaves, massage slaves or human ashtrays. Also, I prefer a W.C. to a living toilet. I will not enslave you in the cellar and I will not keep you in a cage. Incidentally, I already have a pet and under no circumstances will I send you on the game.

Keep your application short and informative and limit yourself to relevant points. I am not interested how your past private relationships were, do not want to know that your last Mistress of three years moved to Africa and am bored stupid if I have to read unrequested biographies. I am much more interested in the details of how you imagine you can serve me and how you will be of use to me.

Your past BDSM experience belongs in your C.V. Keep this brief, too, but don’t neglect any relevant information. What are your peccadillos and taboos? Do you have a partner?

When selecting your pictures, make sure that you send at least one normal portrait. You can, of course, add to this a BDSM photo if you, for example, would like to perform your service in a maid’s outfit. Don’t send large photos of your genitals. I am an experienced Dominatrix and know what a penis looks like.