What defines me as a classic dominatrix?

I am a lover of BDSM. My sexuality did always incorporate some SM, and over the years I can and will not imagine my life without my dominant side. The game with power exchange, controle, devotion excites me and never gets old.

As a classic dominatrix I will devote our time to explore your boundaries and dark desires. Our time will be your time, I will take charge of you, your experience and the safe exploration of the edges of your personality.

I will play as hard or as soft as you need me to, so don´t you worry about me being to cruel or the experience being to painful. Unless you want me to get you to your extremes, then you will see this certain sparkle in my eyes and dive into a world of your own.

BDSM is a world full of variety that offers a neverending range of possibilities. I understand very well that your longings are unique. Therefor I will create each scenario especially for you. We will chosse the elements together and set a range of experiences. A preptalk for new clients is mandatory. Of course I can also start my game right from the moment when you open the door, but I do prefer to meet you eyelevel to get to know you first. The better I understand your intentions, the better the scenario will be.

Allthough sexuality is an important part of my approach to SM, I will solely focus on yours. Your orgasm can be part of the play, but it doesn not necessarily have to be. If you really can´t live without any contact to female sexuality, I will advise you to let me maid join our session. She is indeed a very lusty lady.

Who will I see?

Men and women only?

As I am upmost interested in your mindset, your gender becomes less important to me. Of course we can engage in gender bending if you wish so, but I happily accept you in whatever identity you come to see me. I do care however, how you access BDSM. I welcome any person to come for a play session.


It can be intensly interesting to explore SM together with your partner. It will be my pleasure to play with both of you. Sometimes couples come to me for introduction to BDSM and educational playtime. I will happily show you the ropes and guard you safely through your first steps. I also do play with couples who are both submissive or masochistic, or want to engage in an intense roleplay scenario together. Anyhow, if you want to take some fresh play ideas back home with you, do not hesistate to contact me.

What are the possibilities?


I have a deep and insatiable passion for inflicting pain on a willing masochist. I love to lock my eyes on yours while I drink in your reactions to my actions. Pain creates an intense sensation that will help you unlock a rush of all sorts of auphoric chemicals in your body. You will hate me, but you will also love me at the same time for what I do to you.

In educational scenarios I will take pain as a focused stimulus to mould your behavior in any way I want it to. You will see that I am experienced enough to let you exactly suffer as much as I want you to.


You love to serve, to worship and to submit? Great. I have a big heart for your submissive desires and am very happy to shape you to a perfect fit in my dominant universe. Being the head mistress that scolds you over your bad grades or the directrice of The Royal Institute for Manual Beaviour Therapy. I understand your longing and the underlying psychological factors very well. Let me take your desire and guide you into servitude…


BDSM sexuality, erotic, raw or highly refined. Not always the experience is about pain or submission. The softness of a light touch from your mistress, the sensation of a certain material on your skin, not seeing or knowing what is going to happen next to you, are only a few examples to illustrate the sensual expereinces a session with me can offer you. I can start your very first venture into SM with a dominant massage, or an introduction into the erotic world of material fetish. To explore the sensations a prostate massage or anal stretching done by your dominatrix can be pure joy…

Do not hesitate to mention, when you would rather set of on a sensual journey. SM doesn´t follow a specific part, but is very individual.


Fighting against the tight grip of expertly bound rope on your body, hanging in an artful net of shibari knots, feeling the sweaty closeness of cling film bondage, restrictions are great! I will use whatever we both like to experience, from ‘quick and dirty’ ropework to tie you in place, over elaborate Shibari up to full on mummification in leather, cling film, duct tape… I am well expereinced with restrictive sessions and will take you on a trip anytime.

Role Play

This is one of my passions, hands down. Let us creat a play universe together in which we incorporate our desired Alter Egos. Is it enough for you to imagine a scneario with me and simply act it out? Or would you love to dive into a detailled and perfectly prepared universe to let go or reality for a while? The choise is yours, the pleasure mine!

What about the things that haven´t been mentioned?

I don´t d lists, I do SM. There is so many possibilities, I would rather spend my time in living them than to write about it. If you have something in mind that you do not find quite represented here, do not worry. As long as it is not listed under my taboos, I will be happy to hear about it!

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