To arrange an appointment, you can reach me by telephone, email and through the contact form.

I personally prefer a quick call to establish the very basic informations. If this should not be possible, due to you being in a different country or the language barrier, do drop me a few lines via mail. I usually get back to you within a day.


You can reach me monday to saturday between 11am and 10pm. If you opt for a call, I do prefer your number showing. Be assured that I will keep all your information private. Please note that I am not there for you 24-hours-a-day, so I would appreciate if you have time differences in mind.

Please note that I generally meet first time customers on days marked as green in my agenda, especially when they will not show their number. If your travel arrangements make this impossible, I am also willing to see you on yellow days, but a deposit via bank transfer might be necessary. I will provide you with the details on demand.

Green: I am available at my own Studio LUX and happy to see you there.
Yellow: I am not in the Studio, but could go there to meet you for a session. Also this is a great day for an Escort.
Blue: No chance of seeing me now, this is my free day.


An appointment, even between Dominatrix and slave, will be arranged on an equal footing. Briefly tell me your desired session type and your preferred appointment date and time. It isn’t necessary to describe your ideas in minute detail – we will discuss that in your personal pre-session interview.

Let me know if you are a beginner or have only limited experience with professional Dominatrixes. I will make special allowances for this.

I will not answer questions about my appearance, nor how my studio is equipped. I make a special effort to ensure the pictures on my site are good and up-to-date. Respect this. And remember that it is impolite to ask a lady her age!